National Hydropower Association applauds passage of Energy and Water budget by House committee

The National Hydropower Association commends the House Appropriations Committee's recommendation of US$50 million for the Energy Department's Water Power Program, NHA announced.

Linda Church Ciocci, executive director of the National Hydropower Association, said these funds are a vital investment in continued progress for hydropower research and development. Church Ciocci said NHA also is pleased to see that the funding has been equally divided between conventional and marine and hydrokinetic technologies.

Church Ciocci stated: "The hydropower industry is poised for tremendous growth, both in terms of generation and the economic benefits it provides. Over 1.4 million cumulative jobs could be created in the industry as it seeks to add over 60,000 MW of new capacity in the future. Continued funding of the Water Power Program helps to lower costs, improve operations and remove market-entry barriers to help make these goals a reality."

Church Ciocci said NHA urges final passage of the Energy and Water budget by the full House of Representatives and looks forward to timely Senate action.

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