Hydro Research Foundation announces 2011 hydro fellowship winners

The Hydro Research Foundation has announced the 2011 class joining the Hydro Fellowship Program.

Each fellowship is worth approximately $94,000 over the two-year period of study. The fellowships are made possible by a $3 million four-year grant from the Wind and Waterpower Technologies Program of U.S. Department of Energy. The 2011 class represent eleven universities from ten states.

These 14 students were handpicked by a selection committee of individuals from various areas of industry, research and utilities. Each student was picked for his or her leadership, innovative research topic and institutional support.

The program now funds 23 students at 15 Universities.

All 23 fellowship winners will be attending HydroVision International in California this July. On July 19, the students will present their research topics and progress reports as well as two final research presentations. To register for this event, visit

For a detailed description of each fellowship winner's research, visit To view a video detailing the Hydro Research Foundation's Hydro Fellowship Program, click here.

The Hydro Research Foundation, an independent non-profit organization, seeks to facilitate research and to promote educational opportunities that communicate the value of hydropower.

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