Ontario Waterpower Association, Chiefs of Ontario sign collaboration agreement

The Ontario Waterpower Association and the Chiefs of Ontario announced that the two organizations have reached agreement on a "letter of intent" to provide a framework for communication and collaboration.

A formal signing ceremony for the agreement between The Chiefs of Ontario and the OWA took place at the tenth anniversary "Power of Water" conference inToronto.

The Chiefs of Ontario, comprising the 133 First Nations in Ontario, is a political forum and secretariat for collective decision-making, action and advocacy.

Over the last five years, the OWA has worked with Aboriginal communities and government agencies to design and deliver a series of practical programs and products focused on enhancing community awareness and understanding of waterpower and improving the ability for communities to be actively involved in project development.

Recently, the Ontario Power Authority announced the launch of the Aboriginal Energy Partnerships Program, designed to develop hydropower assets and boost the supply of clean energy.

In 2008, the Chiefs of Ontario published First Nations Water Declaration in Ontario, outlining the fundamental importance of water to First Nations peoples and the shared responsibility for wise stewardship to future generations.

The Ontario Waterpower Association was formed in May 2001 and represents more than 95 percent of Ontario waterpower producers.

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