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A-Power signs US279 million contract for design, construction of hydro plants

Chinese energy company A-Power Energy Generation Systems has received a US$279 million contract to design and build several hydropower plants in China's Jilin province, A-Power reported.

The six-year contract was awarded by the Baishan Long Run Water Conservancy.

A-Power said the terms of the contract, which will be executed in three 24-month phases, include designing and building several hydropower stations in the city of Baishan.

A-Power subsidiary Liaoning Hi-tech (Gao Ke) Energy Group will be planning and building the power stations and related facilities.

The projects are planned as follows:

Phase One: The Xibeicha 12.8-MW key water control project in Baishan;
Phase Two: Design and construction of a 64-MW hydropower station in Laosong Township of Baishan; and
Phase Three: Design and construction of two 16-MW hydropower stations on Baijianghe River in the Jingyu Township of Baishan

Recently, China announced it plans to boost its installed hydroelectric power capacity to 300 million kW by 2015 from the current 200 million in an effort to cut carbon dioxide emissions.

Government officials told media outlets that such an expansion is needed for China's goal to reduce its carbon dioxide emissions per unit of gross domestic product (GDP) by 40 to 45 percent by 2020.

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