HydroVision pre-conference briefings focus on greenhouse gas emissions, hydro sustainability

Briefings geared toward addressing important issues related to greenhouse gas emissions and hydro sustainability are among the events offered in advance of the upcoming HydroVision International Conference and Exhibition in North Carolina.

HydroVision International, the year's largest gathering of hydropower professionals, is planned for July 27-30, 2010, at the Charlotte Convention Center in Charlotte, N.C.

Workshops, seminars and other events focusing on many aspects of hydropower kick off in advance of HydroVision International. Pre-conference offerings include events focusing on regulatory issues, environmental issues, research and development and a range of other hydro-related topics.

The "Hydro Greenhouse Gas Briefing," organized by the International Hydropower Association, is scheduled for July 26. In this strategic briefing, the IHA will present the UNESCO/IHA GHG Measurement Guidelines for Freshwater Reservoirs. These guidelines, developed through a multi-year project engaging scientific institutions worldwide, are presented as the standard on how greenhouse gas emissions should be measured in the future.

The briefing is intended to empower managers and decision makers by sharing a logical path forward for the sector, which will require greenhouse gas measurements being undertaken to a uniform standard and quality, to come up with a consolidated and representative global status of the climate footprint of hydropower. A copy of the UNESCO/IHA GHG Measurement Guidelines for Freshwater Reservoirs is included with participation in the course.

Also included in the HydroVision pre-conference activities is a briefing on hydropower sustainability.

The "Hydro Sustainability Briefing," organized by the International Hydropower Association, is scheduled for July 27. The briefing will present the current status and accomplishments of IHA's sustainability work and invite discussion on possible pathways forward. During the past three years, IHA has worked with a high-level, cross-sector forum of representatives, reviewing the IHA Sustainability Guidelines (2004) and Sustainability Assessment Protocol (2006). The goal of the Hydropower Sustainability Assessment Forum (HSAF) is to develop a broadly endorsed sustainability assessment tool to measure and guide performance in the hydropower sector.

As part of the "Hydro Sustainability Briefing," the results of this work will be presented. Forum members will reflect on the work achieved, and, in an interactive discussion with the audience, will share views on possible pathways forward.

All participants will receive the latest draft of the Hydropower Sustainability Assessment Protocol, which has been redeveloped through the HSAF process.

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