Group seeks feedback on paper about marine, hydrokinetic power and recreation

The Hydropower Reform Coalition, along with the National Park Service, is seeking feedback on a whitepaper that covers recreational issues related to marine and hydrokinetic energy technologies.

The Hydropower Reform Coalition partnered with the National Park Service with assistance from the Department of Energy to produce the draft whitepaper, which is now available for public review, the HRC announced.

The HRC is a consortium of more than 150 organizations that advocate the protection of rivers and water resources.

The draft report, titled “Hydrokinetic Energy Projects & Recreation: A Guide to Assessing Impacts,” provides guidance on how to study recreation impacts and consider ways to minimize adverse ones, the HRC reported. The whitepaper also describes the types of marine and hydrokinetic energy technologies currently available and the potential recreation impacts of such technologies. The whitepaper is designed for utilities, developers, state and federal agencies and other interested stakeholders involved in assessing recreation impacts.

The draft report is available at The HRC and NPS are seeking comments from all stakeholders and encourage comments on substantive issues and other suggestions that will improve the usefulness of the guide. Comments should be submitted to by Aug. 31, 2010.

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