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U.S. awards Voith Hydro contract for turbine work at Stockton hydro project

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers awarded Voith Hydro Inc. a $30.8 million contract to replace turbine equipment at its 45.2-MW Stockton hydroelectric project in Missouri's Sac River system.

The hydropower project's sole Kaplan turbine was commissioned in 1973. 

The contract includes work to replace the runner, rewind the generator stator winding, upgrade the hydraulic governor with a digital governor and replace the existing excitation system with a digital excitation system. The contractor will design, manufacture and model test a scale model replacement runner and appurtenances for a Kaplan type turbine.

Recently, the Corps of Engineers awarded Voith Hydro Inc. a contract to design and supply two advanced turbines for the 603-MW Ice Harbor hydroelectric project on Washington’s lower Snake River.

The contract, valued at $10.94 million, will include the design and supply of fixed-blade and adjustable-blade turbine runners to replace existing runners in Units 2 and 3, the Corps of Engineers reported.

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