International Hydropower Association calls for Kyoto reform

Richard Taylor, executive director of the International Hydropower Association, was one of several renewable energy representatives at the climate change summit in Copenhagen calling for a global fund for renewable energy.

“Strategic actions must deliver the transition to a renewable economy,” Taylor said during a press conference held by the International Renewable Energy Alliance.

Taylor and other renewable energy advocates, including International Solar Energy Society Vice President Dave Renne and World Bioenergy Association President Kent Nystrom, urged the United Nations to reform the Kyoto Protocol by removing “unnecessary complexity and improving the consistency of the process.”

In addition, they called for the establishment of a Global Fund for Renewable Energy Investment. A global fund for renewable energy would “drive feed-in tariffs, recognize storage services and promote the strategic development of renewable energy systems for power, heat and transport,” The Renewable Energy Alliance said.

To read the alliance’s policy statement, entitled “Scaling-UP for a Renewable Future; Reforming Existing Mechanisms and Shaping New Approaches Post-2012,” click here.

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