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Czech firm to equip Finland's 1.76-MW Kuokkastenkoski

Mavel a.s. of the Czech Republic announced it signed a contract with Vaasa Engineering Oy to supply two 880-kW Kaplan turbines to the 1.76-MW Kuokkastenkoski hydroelectric project in Finland.

Kuokkastenkoski is owned by Pohjois-Karjalan Sahko Oy at a site 120 kilometers north of Kuopio. It has a net head of 10 meters and a flow of 20 cubic meters per second.

Mavel said it is to supply two KVK/D1450K5 double-regulated vertical Kaplan turbines with runner diameter of 1,450 millimeters and five runner blades. It also is to supply generators, draft tube, hydraulic system, lubrication, and cooling system. Vaasa is to supply electrical equipment.

Mavel said the contract was signed in February 2009, with completion scheduled for December 2010.

Mavel announced a contract in January from Vaasa Engineering to supply a turbine for refurbishment of the 862-kW Finnholm hydroelectric project on Finland’s Ahtavanojoki River. (HydroWorld 1/7/09)

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