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Canada Green Infrastructure makes first award to 6-MW Mayo B

Canada’s new C$1 billion (US$924 million) Green Infrastructure Fund has made its first award to the 5- to 6-MW Mayo B hydroelectric project and Phase 2 of the Carmacks-Stewart transmission line in Canada’s Yukon Territory.

The government of Canada is to provide up to C$71 million (US$65.6 million) for the total C$160 million (US$148 million) project, which also is being funded by the Yukon government.

The Mayo B project includes construction of a powerhouse containing two or three turbine-generators near the existing 5-MW Mayo project operated by Yukon Energy Corp. (HydroWorld 3/3/06) The hydropower expansion project also includes a canal and penstock to move water from the existing intake to the new powerhouse.

The Green Infrastructure Fund is part of Canada’s Economic Action Plan to create jobs, boost the economy through infrastructure investments, promote long-term growth, and improve the environment.

“The Mayo B initiative creates a great partnering opportunity for our government with Yukon First Nations and the federal government,” Yukon Premier Dennis Fentie said May 29, 2009. “Expanding hydro-generated power will reduce our carbon footprint by displacing thousands of tons of greenhouse gas emissions each year.”

A government statement said the increase in capacity at Mayo B is made possible by building the new powerhouse in a location that doubles the elevation drop from Wareham Lake. It said that doubles the energy that can be obtained from the water flowing through its turbines without new dams, reservoirs, or new inundation.

Mayo B is expected to reduce Yukon’s reliance on diesel generation by more than 40 percent by 2012.

Canada is to provide C$1 billion (US$924 million) over five years to the Green Infrastructure Fund. The fund is to support sustainable energy generation and transmission, and municipal wastewater and solid water management infrastructure.

The government is working with provinces, territories, and stakeholders to identify more projects for the fund. It will be allocated based on merit to support green infrastructure projects on a cost-shared basis. The fund is to focus on a few large-scale strategic infrastructure projects.

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