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Tajikistan seeks generation optimization for Vakhsh Cascade

Tajikistan utility Barki Tojik seeks bids for turnkey development of a generation optimization system for the Vakhsh River Cascade hydropower plants. Bids are due February 27.

The Asian Development Bank approved a loan toward the cost of the Tajik component of the two-nation Regional Power Transmission Interconnection Project. (HNN 12/4/06) The program is to upgrade hydropower generation in Tajikistan and to build a transmission system to deliver the additional hydropower to neighboring Afghanistan.

Supply and services for the generation optimization system are to include collection of necessary data, design, programming, calibration, implementation, and training in the use of the system, including all necessary computers and paraphernalia.

Barki Tojik did not specify hydro plants in the cascade project, but Vakhsh (or Vaskhsh) River hydro projects include: operating projects 600-MW Baipaza, 240-MW Golovnaya, 24-MW Perepednaya (HNN 12/10/08), 15-MW Centralnaya (HNN 12/4/06), and 3,000-MW Nurek (HNN 1/7/09); under construction projects 3,600-MW Rogun (HNN 12/10/08), 670-MW Sangtuda 1 (HNN 11/7/08), and 220-MW Sangtuda 2 (HNN 2/21/08); and proposed projects 200-MW Nurobad 2 (HNN 8/28/08) and 850-MW Shurob. (HNN 2/21/08)

Bid documents may be obtained from the address below for US$100 in person or US$200, including courier fee, for written requests. Fees are to be in cash or bank draft to OSHC Barki Tojik. Bids are due by noon February 27.

For information, contact OSHC Barki Tojik PMU, Kakharova St. 39A, Dushanbe 734026 Tajikistan; (992) 372-388668; Fax: (992) 372-358692.

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