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Hydro operators participate in greenhouse gas Climate Registry

Several private and governmental hydropower operators are participating in the Climate Registry, a non-profit organization that measures and publicly reports emissions of greenhouse gases.

The registry supports both voluntary and regulatory emissions reduction programs that are consistent across borders and industries. It sets standards for the measurement, verification, and public reporting of greenhouse gas emissions throughout North America.

Thirty-nine U.S. states, the District of Columbia, three Native American tribes, six Canada provinces, and two states in Mexico established the Climate Registry. Members have voluntarily committed to annually measure, independently verify, and publicly report their greenhouse gas emissions.

A number of corporations and government entities that own and operate hydroelectric projects are among 239 founding members, including Alcoa, Duke Energy Corp., New York Power Authority, PacifiCorp, Pacific Gas &Electric Co., Xcel Energy, and the city of Seattle.

A complete list of members is on the registry's Internet site, The Climate Registry can be reached at P.O. Box 712545, Los Angeles, CA 90071; (1) 866-523-0764; E-mail:

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