Cavico makes tunnel breakthrough at Vietnam's 13.5-MW Dasiat

Hydro plant and infrastructure builder Cavico Corp. announced it achieved breakthrough October 18 of the headrace tunnel for the 13.5-MW Dasiat hydropower project in Vietnam's Lam Dong Province.

Cavico said its Cavico Hydropower unit completed 27 months of excavation on the 1.44-mile tunnel. Now it will focus on concrete finish work to line the 91-inch-diameter tunnel. Under a US$4.36 million contract with Southern Hydropower Joint Stock Co., Cavico is providing construction services and equipment for Dasiat's tunnel, power waterways, intakes, surge tanks, and other works. (HNN 6/16/06)

The US$14.5 million Dasiat project is being built on the Dasiat River, downstream from the 180-MW Dong Nai 3 and 340-MW Dong Nai 4 hydropower projects. Upon completion it is to generate 57.7 million kWh per year.

Cavico wins additional contract for Ta Trach project

In other action, Cavico reported its Cavico Vietnam subsidiary received an additional contract for work on Ta Trach Reservoir on the Huong (Perfume) River in Thua Thien Hue Province.

Cavico said the Vietnam Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development awarded the new US$18.5 million contract for construction of an inlet tunnel for diversion of construction and flood discharge at Ta Trach.

In July, Cavico received a US$3.4 million contract to construct a 1,112-meter-long, 56-meter-tall main dam, four sub-dams totaling 660 meters in length, and an overflow dam with six releasing gates. (HNN 7/18/08) The company said the reservoir might include an 18-MW hydropower project that would generate an average of 60 million kWh per year.

Construction of the 717-square-kilometer reservoir on the Huong (Perfume) River is to be completed by December 2011. The project is being developed by Hydropower Management No. 5.

The reservoir is to limit flood damage in Hue, supply irrigation water to 35 hectares in the region, help control water flow, and limit the salt level in the river.

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