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  • McCain speech includes tidal energy; campaign backs hydro

    In accepting the Republican Party nomination for president Sept. 4, Sen. John McCain included tidal energy among the energy sources he promises to promote if he is elected.

    �We will produce more energy at home,� McCain told the GOP crowd in the St. Paul convention center. �We will drill new wells offshore, and we'll drill them now. We will build more nuclear power plants. We will develop clean coal technology. We will increase the use of wind, tide, solar, and natural gas.�

    While the Arizona Republican did not specifically mention hydropower during his speech, his campaign Internet site does include hydro in a statement of his position on renewables: �John McCain will encourage the market for alternative, low carbon fuels such as wind, hydro, and solar power.�

    The statement adds McCain �believes in an even-handed system of tax credits that will remain in place until renewable energy has progressed to the point that it is competitive with conventional energy sources.�

    As it now stands, incremental production gains from efficiency improvements or capacity additions to existing hydro facilities must be placed in service before Jan. 1, 2009, to qualify for expiring federal production tax credits. (HNN 7/10/08)

    In his acceptance speech, McCain added, �We must use all resources and develop all technologies necessary to rescue our economy from the damage caused by rising oil prices and to restore the health of our planet."

    "It's an ambitious plan, but Americans are ambitious by nature, and we have faced greater challenges," he added. "It's time for us to show the world again how Americans can lead.�

    McCain delivered his speech on the same day Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama visited a Voith Siemens Hydro Power Generation turbine manufacturing plant at York, Pa. Obama toured the facility and added hydropower to the list of renewables he said the U.S. needs to promote. (HNN 9/5/08)

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