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Governor, excitation replacement sought for French hydro projects

Electricite de France (EDF) seeks bids for supply of at least 24 replacement governors and 22 replacement excitation systems for EDF hydroelectric projects throughout France. Bids are due September 23 in two separate solicitations.

The solicitations are among several by EDF seeking equipment and services to refurbish its hydro projects. (HNN 7/21/08) EDF previously pre-qualified governor suppliers for a five-year agreement covering renovation of a minimum of 54 units. (HNN 2/29/08)

The current governor solicitation seeks bids for removal of existing governors and supply and installation of replacement governors and related equipment for a minimum of 24 units throughout France. Work would be performed over 36 months in twelve lots labeled 1. Arly, 2. La Bathie, 3. Monteynard, 4. Auzerette, 5. Grangeant, 6. Saut Mortier, 7. Allement, 8. Vouglans, 9. St. Dalmas, 10. Le Pouget, 11. Revin, 12. Le Cheylas.

The excitation solicitation seeks bids for removal of existing equipment and supply and installation of replacement excitation systems, including related electrical equipment, for a minimum of 22 units throughout France. Work would be performed over 24 months in two lots, one for six plants and the other for seven plants.

Documents for both solicitations may be obtained from the address below. Bids, in French, for both solicitations are due by noon September 23.

For information, contact Gilles Goffic, EDF Agence Achats Hydraulique, Savoie Technolac, F-73373 Le Bourget-du-Lac, France; (33) 479-606390; Fax: (33) 479-606033; E-mail: gilles.goffic@edf.fr; Internet: www.edf.fr.

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