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VA Tech Hydro to equip Italy's 1.23-MW Chievo

VA Tech Hydro GmbH of Austria has received an order to install a 1.23-MW StrafloMatrix hydropower plant in a former ship lock on Italy's Chievo Dam.

Consorzio Canale Industriale Giulio Camuzzoni awarded the contract to VA Tech Hydro, a unit of Andritz, to supply and install the equipment on the Adige River north of Verona. VA Tech Hydro is to carry out the work with affiliate VA Tech Escher Wyss S.r.l., with start-up planned for June 2009.

The StrafloMatrix plant is to be the first of its kind in Europe outside Austria. It consists of five turbine-generators totaling 1.23 MW.

StrafloMatrix, a trademarked product of VA Tech Hydro, features an integrated turbine runner-generator rotor design that allows the runner to support the rotor, with both turning under flow as a single unit. Andritz said the resulting smaller, more economic design is an advantage in limited space and ensures minimal environmental effects.

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