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  • Norway firm seeks turbine, generator for 19-MW Vittingfoss

    Norway generator Ringeriks-Kraft Produksjon AS invites separate applications for pre-qualification to supply one or two turbines and generators for the 19-MW Vittingfoss hydroelectric project. Responses are due January 21.

    Ringeriks-Kraft recruited a designer in 2007 for at least one Kaplan turbine-generator set for Vittingfoss. (HNN 7/24/07) It has a site license to add a new Unit 5 of between 8 and 16 MW at the run-of-river plant in Buskerud County. It said it plans a new surface powerhouse for an expansion at the side of the existing powerhouse.

    In one solicitation, it seeks one or two Kaplan turbines designed for a head of 19.5 meters and total flow, divided between one or two turbines, of 45 to 75 cubic meters per second. Estimated value is between 15 million and 30 million kroner (US$2.8 million and US$5.6 million).

    In the other solicitation, it seeks one or two three-phase 50-Hz generators to be directly run by the turbine. That contract's estimated value also is between 15 million and 30 million kroner (US$2.8 million and US$5.6 million).

    Documents for each solicitation may be obtained from the address below and further information on the solicitation may be available on the Doffin Web Site at www.doffin.no/search/Search_AuthProfile.aspx?ID=AA23149. Applications for pre-qualification are due by noon January 21. Invitations to bid are to be sent January 25 to short-lists of three to six firms.

    For information, contact Helge Bergstrom, Ringeriks-Kraft Produksjon AS, Serviceboks 22, N-3504 Honefoss, Norway; (47) 32-119500; E-mail: helge.bergstrom@ringeriks-kraft.no.

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