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Argentina pre-qualifies six groups to build 1,700-MW Santa Cruz complex

Argentina officials have issued bid specification packages to six consortia that expressed interest in building two hydroelectric projects, La Barrancosa and Condor Cliff, totaling 1,700 MW, on the Santa Cruz river of southern Argentina.

Media reports said the competition is not closed and that bid specifications can still be obtained in time for the December 27 submission of bids.

Argentine President Nestor Kirchner announced government plans to develop the projects in sparsely populated Santa Cruz Province during a July appearance at Puerto Santa Cruz, population 3,500. (HNN 7/25/07) The projects are expected to require an investment of 5 billion pesos (US$1.6 billion) and to generate 4,000 jobs.

Argentina's Ministerio de Planificacion Federal and Santa Cruz Province seek companies to perform design, civil construction, equipment supply, transmission line construction, operation and maintenance, and financing of La Barrancosa and Condor Cliff.

Consortia receiving bid specification packages include: Isolux Corsan and Andrade Gutierrez; Techint, Benito Roggio and Escuso; Electroingenieria, IECSA, and Jose Cartellone; Aluar, Hidroelectrica Futaleufu and Odebrecht; IMPSA, Camargo Correa, and Corporacion America; and Panedile S.A.

Bids are due December 27, with contract award scheduled for March 17, 2008, and beginning of work set for April 15, 2008.

For information, contact Secretaria de Estado de Energia de la Provincia de Santa Cruz, Avellaneda 801, Rio Gallegos 9400 Provincia de Santa Cruz, Argentina: (54) 02966-431700; E-mail: info@scruzenergia.gov.ar; Internet: www.scruzenergia.gov.ar.

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