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Four Mississippi projects to feature conventional, hydrokinetic units

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission granted preliminary permits June 11 to Hydro Green Energy LLC to study four hydropower projects in Mississippi that would use a combination of conventional and hydrokinetic technologies to generate more than 96 MW.

Hydro Green Energy said the projects would be located at existing dams operated by the Corps of Engineers and would include one or two conventional hydro turbines, plus multiple hydrokinetic turbines in dam outlet channels.

FERC issued permits for:
o 47.33-MW Mississippi 1 (No. 12762), with two powerhouses, at Sardis Dam on the Tallahatchie River;
o 20.746-MW Mississippi 2 (No. 12763) at Enid Dam on the Yacona River, a tributary of the Tallahatchie;
o 24.038-MW Mississippi 3 (No. 12761) at Grenada Dam on the Yalobusha River; and
o 3.962-MW Mississippi 5 (No. 12760) at Arkabutla Dam on the Yazoo River.

The preliminary permits allow the company to study the feasibility of each project for up to three years.

Hydro Green Energy, a project developer and equipment manufacturer based in Houston, Texas, said the projects would become the first water energy projects in Mississippi. Previous FERC applications to study projects in Mississippi were withdrawn, expired, or were surrendered.

Hydro Green Energy designs, builds, and operates hydrokinetic energy systems that can be deployed in rivers, tidal areas, and oceans. (HNN 12/8/06) The systems generate electricity from moving water without a need to construct dams, impoundments, or conduits. The company said it is pursuing development of 11 river and ocean-based projects in the U.S. and abroad.

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