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BC Hydro to buy power from 29 hydro projects

BC Hydro has agreed to buy power from 29 hydro projects proposed by 23 independent power producers in response to the utility's 2006 open call for power. BC Hydro said July 27 it awarded a total of 38 contracts for hydro and other renewables generation.

The new projects will supply 1,559 MW and more than 7,000 gigawatt-hours per year to BC Hydro's system under long-term contracts averaging 30 years. Additionally, the projects are expected to generate C$3.6 billion (US$3.2 billion) in private sector investment.

In addition to the 29 hydropower contracts, BC Hydro said it awarded contracts to three wind, two biomass, two waste heat, and two coal/biomass projects.

In a separate tender process, BC Hydro also agreed to buy 226 GWh annually from the 120-MW Brilliant Expansion hydroelectric project, developed by Columbia Power Corp.

Four hydro bidders win multiple contracts

Two of the winning bidders won contracts for three hydro projects each:
o Canadian Hydro Developers Inc. successfully offered the 20-MW Bone Creek, 9.95-MW Clemina, and 5-MW English Creek hydro projects.
o Synex Energy Resources Ltd. successfully offered 4-MW Barr Creek, 3.4-MW McKelvie Creek, and 9.5-MW Victoria Lake.

Two more developers won contracts for two hydro projects each:
o Hydromax Energy Ltd. successfully offered 9.99-MW Lower Clowhom and 9.99-MW Upper Clowhom.
o Plutonic Power Corp. successfully offered 196-MW East Toba and Montrose, and 15-MW Rainy River.

The remaining 19 winning hydro bidders successfully offered one project each:
o Advanced Energy Systems Ltd., 3-MW Cranberry Creek;
o Anyox Hydro Electric Corp., 56.5-MW Anyox and Kitsault River;
o Axiom Power Inc., 6-MW Clint Creek;
o Cogenix Power Corp., 9.99-MW Log Creek;
o District of Lake County, 800-kW Eldorado Reservoir;
o Global Cogenix Industrial Corp., 9.99-MW Kookipi Creek;
o Hupacasath First Nation, 6.65-MW Franklin River;
o KMC Energy Corp., 9.9-MW Tamihi Creek;
o Kwalsa Energy L.P., 85.9-MW Kwalsa Energy;
o Kwoiek Creek Resources L.P., 49.9-MW Kwoiek Creek;
o Maroon Creek Hydro Partnership, 5-MW Maroon Creek;
o Raging River Power &Mining Inc., 4-MW Raging River;
o Renewable Power Corp., 7.5-MW Tyson Creek;
o Second Reality Effects Inc., 9-MW Fries Creek;
o Songhees Creek Hydro Inc., 15-MW Songhees Creek;
o Spuzzum Creek Power Corp., 5-MW Sakwi Creek;
o Upper Stave Energy L.P., 54.7-MW Upper Stave Energy;
o Valisa Energy Inc., 9.6-MW Serpentine Creek; and
o 3986314 Canada Inc., 90.5-MW Canada-Glacier/Howser/East.

Twenty-eight independent power producers had submitted bids for 38 separate hydropower projects. They were among a total of 37 developers offering a total of 53 projects powered by hydro, wind, biomass, or coal.

BC Hydro issued the call late last year, seeking 2,500 GWh per year of firm energy from independent projects of at least 10 MW. It said it wanted 900 GWh per year by Nov. 1, 2009, and about 1,600 GWh/year on or before Nov. 1, 2010. The call also sought 200 GWh/year from independent projects greater than 50 kW but less than 10 MW, available by Nov. 1, 2010.

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